Vikings walk amongst you, we just got proper jobs. Autobiographical web comic from the heart of Viking Britain - Yorkshire. Published weekly by CaptainKirt here first.

#150 Home Alone

My wife has gone away for a week, how will I cope?

#149 Idiot

Simon is back! And so are the crisps.

#148 Just Say No

I've wanted for sometime to do a strip about the co-opting of Nordic and Viking symbols by White supremacists and nazis. Remember, there are NO nazis in Valhalla!

#147 Plus One

It's my birthday! But not a special one, that was last year. 

Repost #097a Star Wars Day

A repost of last year's May 4th "Star Wars" day with the banner replaced.

#146a The Northman


Now I don't want any confusion so let's set the record straight.

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