Vikings walk amongst you, we just got proper jobs. Autobiographical web comic from the heart of Viking Britain - Yorkshire. Published weekly by CaptainKirt here first.

#230a Yule Card 2023

Every year I create a family Yuletide Greetings Card, I thought I'd share the creative process behind the card...

#229 Beard Saga Pt3

If you know your Norse mythology you might recognise similarities with this story.

#228 Beard Saga Pt2

It's time to get some medical advice, what happened to our hero's beard?

#227 Beard Saga Pt1

It's time for the last saga of the year and something is missing...

#226a Happy 70th Birthday Mum

It's my mum's 70th birthday
Happy Birthday Mum!

#225 Broad Horizons

They say travel broadens the mind...

#224a Hot Flash

I have a bonus item to share today

#224 Electric Car

Some say the electric car is the answer.

#223 Jack's Back Pt3

Jack's Back and things aren't going as smoothly as he planned. How will he fit in with the modern world.

#222 Jack's Back Pt2

Jack's Back and things aren't going as smoothly as he planned. How will he fit in with the modern world.

#221 Jack's Back Pt1

It's the start of a new saga, one that will take us through Haustblot and Alfablot - to Halloween. I'd like to introduce you to Spring Heeled Jack.

#220 Unicorn

I enjoy a trip to the zoo but sometimes things aren't what they seem...

#219 Bus Ride

Sleeping on public transport is a risky business.

#218 AI Pt4

AI is a simulation of creativity, real creativity has it's origins within the soul. I've watched the degradation of creativity happen all my life. In fact it's been happening forever. Creativity will prevail as craftsmanship has survived the industrial revolution.

#217 A.I. Pt3

The AI world is a scary prospect. Losing control of your choices is never good, neither is a homicidal chicken!

#216 A.I. Pt2

Will AI turn on us and end us all? Sometimes we rush to embrace new technology, maybe too quick...

#215 AI Pt1

Is artificial intelligence the future? Can a computer create art? I was always told technology was intended to free us to persue art and recreation. So what are we if we can't reflect what's inside us?

#214 Radio Call

I've noticed a lot of commercial radio stations are running "competitions" where the radio stations call listeners who register...

#213 Afterlife

Ever pondered what happens after you die? I have simple needs when it comes to the afterlife...

#212 Close Pass

As a cyclist and commuter i get a lot of issues with irate drivers, most of whom can't wait the few seconds until they can pass safely.

#211 Nudist Beach

It's the summer, pretend the weather is nice and enjoy my beach based colour special.

#210 Yorkshiremen Pt2

Will the Inspector allow us to continue?

#209 Yorkshiremen Pt1

Yorkshire Day is coming up, what's a better way to celebrate than to pay tribute to probably the greatest comedy sketch ever?

#207 The Acquisition Pt6

Our hero needs to get away, time is running out.

#205 The Acquisition Pt4

I've always wanted to go to a Viking or medieval feast.

#204 The Acquisition Pt3

The penny drops, this is real and our hero is up to
his neck in actual Vikings!

#203 The Acquisition Pt2

Arrival: Were is our hero? Who are these people? Is this a re-enactment or the real thing? Lots of questions...

#202 The Acquisition Pt1

BRAND NEW SAGA! Welcome to my latest multi-parter. Ever wondered about those apocryphal horned helmets? Hold on for a journey back in time.

#201 Biker Bar

Does my choice of ride mean anything?

#200a Chat Show Pt2

Part two of my 200th special and I'm opening up the floor to anyone who wants to ask me a question, after all this is a chat show...

#200 Chat Show Pt1

It's the 200th edition and here's a special 2 partner...

#199 Cruise

I dream of winning the lottery...

#198 Reaper Pt3

Last weekend was my birthday, I survived. It's time for my final part of this 3 parter.

#197 Reaper Pt2

Part two of my birthday reaper story. I'll be my birthday this Friday coming, the final part is next week (unless I am on his list after all).

#196 Reaper Pt1

My birthday is coming up, a time to reflect on your mortality.

#195 Sickie

Does anyone notice when you are sick? Does anyone care?

#194 Ferryman

I'm a bit late publishing this week. No excuses, I messed up. Hope you enjoy...

#193 Fertility

It's Easter again. And there's a reputation attached to that.

#192 Noise

Noise is annoying if you aren't the one making it.

#191 Play Ball

Here is a tale of dog logic, if you know you'll know.

#190 Cost of Living

The cost of living crisis effects so many of us...

#189 Denied

It's that time of year where we have to get all that built up leave spent before it resets in April. I'm guessing this happens to other people too.

#188 Jorvik

I recently went to York for a couple of days for the viking festival.

#188a Draig

Anyone who knows me knows I love Wales. 

#187 Missing (Epilogue)

Our hero has been found but faces scrutiny about his absence.
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