Vikings walk amongst you, we just got proper jobs. Autobiographical web comic from the heart of Viking Britain - Yorkshire. Published weekly by CaptainKirt here first.

#155 Ow Much!

Prices are going up on a daily basis, and not by just pennies. How long can this continue? 

#154 Midsummer

It's the summer solstice and some people have a funny idea of what goes on.

#153a All Fathers

It's Fathers' Day, a day when we honour the dads. The men that make the difference to their children's lives.

#152a BUS STOP

An interesting story whilst waiting for a bus.

#153 Scunnerton

A tribute to one of my favourite cartoonists on Instagram.

#152 By Appointment Pt2

 It's the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 

#151 By Appointment Pt1

As everyone knows there is something special coming up this week.
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