Vikings walk amongst you, we just got proper jobs. Autobiographical web comic from the heart of Viking Britain - Yorkshire. Published weekly by CaptainKirt here first.

#251 Pirates of Ceredigion Pt5

The conclusion of this pirate saga, will our hero help Black Bryn find treasure?

#250 Pirates of Ceredigion Pt4

Our hero has joined forces with the legendary pirate Black Bryn! Together, they're following a mysterious map that leads them on a thrilling adventure. 

Where will the map take them next?

#246a Where's My Hat?

I interrupt the current saga for an important announcement...

#247 Pirates of Ceredigion Pt1

Here's a tale from my recent trip to Wales,
it's all true... honest!

#246 Big Birthday

My wonderful wife, Morticia, celebrates a big birthday today...

#245a Proper Helmet

It's "STAR WARS DAY" and tomorrow it's my birthday so here's a special...

#245 The Celt Pt2

Many say Paganism is a belief system with homework.

#244 The Celt Pt1

What happens when an unexpected celtic god pops in?

#243 Doppleganger Pt5

It's time to wrap up this double trouble.

#242 Doppleganger Pt4

Continuing adventure with our hero's evil twin...

#241 Doppleganger Pt3

Every story eventually gets an evil twin.

#240 Doppleganger Pt2

So why is our hero being ostracised by the community? All is revealed...

#239 Doppleganger Pt1

It's not nice when people are talking about you behind your back...

#238 Peace at Last Pt2

Being a shift worker I get to see a bit of daytime TV, and it isn't great.

#237 Peace at Last Pt1

Sometimes being alone for a short time is the best thing ever.

#236 Hometown Pt4

The final part of my tour of where I'm from...

#235 Hometown Pt3

Continuing the tour of my home, this week we're off to visit the beautiful countryside that is nearby...

#234 Hometown Pt2

The continuation of my tour of where I live...

#233 Hometown Pt1

I thought I'd give you a tour of my home town.

#232 Big News

I have something to share...

#231a Sick Note

I've not been well,
seems like a New Year tradition.

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