Vikings walk amongst you, we just got proper jobs. Autobiographical web comic from the heart of Viking Britain - Yorkshire. Published weekly by CaptainKirt here first.

#180 The 2022 Yule Card

I would like to thank my friends for all the support for Northman.

#179 Yule Do

Yep, it's that time of year again. 

#178 Monster Pt 5

It's the end of the road for the Beer Monster!

#176 Monster Pt 3

Has this ever happened to you? 

#175 Monster Pt2

I had an idea, the idea was put away. Sometimes those ideas come back out to get us.

#174 Monster Pt1

Whatever happens to all those ideas and rough sketches that aren't used.

#173 Diner

I have nothing against vegans, I know a lot of them. I'm not keen on being told my food choices are not right. 


Maybe we all get a turn now?

#171 Not Dead Yet

When you're the oldest person at your place of work...

#170 Lamp Stand

Sometimes you should face up to what life throws at you, but not this time.

#169 Twenty-First

This week I'm presenting a special for my youngest daughter who turns 21 today.

#166 Packing

It's almost time to take a trip...

#165a Our Queen

Today is a sad day for my country and the world.

#165 Holiday Snaps

It's coming to the end of summer and a time to share the memories...

#164a Lack of Energy

It's worrying times at the moment for those of us at the lower ends of society.

#164 Abduction Pt7

Epilogue, all is as it was. Or is it?

#163 Abduction Pt6

It's time to go home for our hero...

#162 Abduction Pt5

Part 5 of my increasingly tedious summer saga.

#161 Abduction Pt4

It's time to go down to the Planet Plop, what could go wrong?

#160 Abduction Pt3

Part three of our hero's adventure in outer space...

#159 Abduction Pt2

What happened to our hero? And what is that strange device they're holding?

#158 Abduction Pt1

When there's a noise in the night, is it you who has to go investigate?

#157 Bottomless

Unlimited food? What could go wrong?

#156 Bike Shop

Sometimes cycling can be expensive, especially at the moment when money doesn't go quite as far. 

#155 Ow Much!

Prices are going up on a daily basis, and not by just pennies. How long can this continue? 

#154 Midsummer

It's the summer solstice and some people have a funny idea of what goes on.

#153a All Fathers

It's Fathers' Day, a day when we honour the dads. The men that make the difference to their children's lives.

#152a BUS STOP

An interesting story whilst waiting for a bus.

#153 Scunnerton

A tribute to one of my favourite cartoonists on Instagram.

#152 By Appointment Pt2

 It's the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 

#151 By Appointment Pt1

As everyone knows there is something special coming up this week.

#150 Home Alone

My wife has gone away for a week, how will I cope?

#149 Idiot

Simon is back! And so are the crisps.

#148 Just Say No

I've wanted for sometime to do a strip about the co-opting of Nordic and Viking symbols by White supremacists and nazis. Remember, there are NO nazis in Valhalla!

#147 Plus One

It's my birthday! But not a special one, that was last year. 

Repost #097a Star Wars Day

A repost of last year's May 4th "Star Wars" day with the banner replaced.

#146a The Northman


Now I don't want any confusion so let's set the record straight.

#146 Refresher

This is the first post of my cartoon on its own webpage, I do plan to update with older toons as I go so hopefully it'll become the best place to see my Northman comic strip.

#145a Eostre Pt2

It's Easter again and however you celebrate, whatever your beliefs, have a good one.

#145 Eostre

It's the time of year when the world wakes up, the sun shines and the darkness of winter is finally behind us.

#144 Witnesses

I don't like it when others try and push their beliefs on others. 

#143 Mirror Mirror

The cost of living is having a massive effect on most of our lives.

#141a Mothers' Day Boo Boo

It's a homage to my mother on Mothers' Day.

#142 Windy Day

The weather has been a bit rough lately. Storms have come in one after another.

#141 Delivery

A first world modern problem for many of us. Especially if we buy stuff from a well known mail order mega-company.

#137 Things To Do

Lists are so important in keeping track of our tasks.
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